A poem: 'Dizzy Spells'

my poem, 'Dizzy Spells' that I wrote in 2011 and published online in January 2012.

Personally, my favorite piece i've ever written.


© 2012 - by Kelly Mcaulley

The longer I lay here

I can feel it

It makes my skin crawl

And I feel sick

With background noises

Back and forth, stuck, “tick, tock, tick ..”

I’m beginning to lose it

The life Im choosing

A battle I’ve grown comfortable loosing

The longer I lay here

I can feel it

My heart starts sinking, and sinking

Never a thought to what I was thinking

The noises ring closer and closer, faster and faster

I grew into such a disaster

Without sense of control

Or what I seem to be going after


I’m like a cat

So spare me nine lives

Vexation kills me, though I’ve never died

The longer I lay here

I can feel it

And I just can’t stand the noise

It’s a ringing, buzzing, right in my ear

The longer I lay here

Those sounds of my pulse racing, my heart beating

Have their own method of teaching

Looks like I’ll be here a while

Brings the bearer of bad news

In addition to the disorderly blues

Haven’t looked in the mirror

But there’s no need

Their expressions towards my honesty

Is quite enough for me

There’s a pulse beneath my skin

As I feel it growing thicker

I’m coming to, quicker and quicker

Voices carry outside, and I can feel their eyes

With their shadows passing by


Once too dark, now too bright

It’s quite clear

The longer I lay here

Give me something I deserve

The longer i lay here

Lesson learned

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