Essay: Fangirling

"On This Day" May 17th 2009.

This was an incredible experience. I remember my friends and I were in a group talking to someone, I believe it was norm macdonald. Behind Norm towards the corner I saw the elevator doors open across the lobby and slapped my boyfriend Zach in the chest and whispered "get the camera". It was green day. Tre and Mike got way ahead of him and his wife, but I managed to say hi and he stopped to say hello in return. I had to have a picture and he happily accepted. I'm an emotional person and I can't help but choke up when meeting my favorite artists and they tend to hug me without me having to ask. That happened here.

In 2005 I saw them twice - once at SNL and then at TRL when I lived my childhood dream of being grabbed off the street and brought up to the studio and I met them in passing backstage (MTV told us no talking to the talent or touching the talent .. but green day let us break the rules and give high fives anyway on their way down the hall). So this was the first time I got to talk to him. I told you NBC is a magical place. I've had handfuls of wonderful experiences there. I ended up using an instrumental of green day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" in my SNL video later on after this encounter because, originally SNL launched in October 1975, and traditionally, the season premiere was in October (other than a few special occasions) and Green Day was not only my lifelong favorite band (I'm around the same age as their career) but the SNL date they were on in 2005 was only my second show out of many more that I saw live. So they were one of the first musical acts I saw. I was in therapy after my father died when "Wake Me Up.." came out and I hated therapy .. It was on Mondays after i just spent the weekend at SNL so I had that to consider as therapy. But I would listen to Green Day to and from my sessions. Every time. I wish I got to tell him all that in 2009 but my video didn't exist yet in 2009 lol but damn am I grateful even still. What a memory 😍🎶

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