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So as most people know I mostly work as a photographer (video for the most part) but above all, I'm a writer and have been writing for the longest out of everything on my list of creative talents.

But through my writing, I'm always looking for interesting new ways to display my writing. I've put it on blogs, website pages, tried to turn it into songs, i put it into videos, but then in 2013 I had this new idea. I wanted to collaborate my writing with illustrations and hire people i've never met before to do this with. It was a really interesting project because these people didn't know me or my story. So i emailed them the details - micromanaging some of the more important details - conversing and creating via email. But perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the project was seeing how we connected and how vivid and accurate it was. They exceeded all my expectations.

So i've posted a gallery featuring this project on my new page "ART COLLABS" and i hope you enjoy what we worked on and the stories we tell, and I hope to do more collaborations in the future! VISIT ART COLLABS

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