Sob Story: The Vlog Doc

So here it is. Allow me to introduce this: basically i was so close to relapsing into mania again two years ago. I was revengeful against people in my life doubting my work and work ethic for that matter. Geoffrey and I shot some milestone moments in my life and I had this 'I'll show you!' attitude towards those I felt fooled by. But I cooled off and found a way to avoid a relapse which was to share my poetry and make a film. Keep going. So I hung onto the footage and documented my journey into being a filmmaker instead. It all came together pretty fabulously and I'm glad I was patient with what I was doing. I let my brother see it first and he gave it his blessing so to speak with his natural honesty. This time I'm sharing MY story and I hope you will do me a solid and watch. Thank you to those who do and who've been waiting to see this 😊 Ps if you can't make it til the end then my entire childhood was a lie! (also some links below to my mental health related creations)



Dizzy Spells…/2…/05/16/A-poem-Dizzy-Spells

Hostage Situation…/2017/04/10/HOSTAGE-SITUATION

I Woke Up Like This

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